Marina D’Arechi S.p.A introduces the Salerno Boat Show 2015.

“For Marina d’Arechi – seafaring enthusiasts par excellence – investing energy and pooling resources to hold Salerno’s first Boat Show, a symbol of positivism, is a natural and prevailing choice.

Every link in the pleasure yachting chain; the running of the the port, the boat yard, the services provided, and the tourism that it creates; plays an important role in the marine economy of our country, and most of all in southern Italy.

The original idea was to come up with something innovative. The Salerno Boat Show introduces a dual focus: visibility for new offers on the market, and the opportunity for boat owners to sell or indeed buy a vessel at the in-house used boat market, either directly or through a broker.

With this new venture Marina D’Arechi hopes to provide a much needed gust of optimism to fill the whole sector’s sails.”

Agostino Gallozzi

Marina d’Arechi President